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Intraoral Cameras and Photography

Cinema Smiles Dental Leominster - Camera

Intraoral cameras allow dentists to get a close-up view of problems with the teeth or tissue in your mouth, including fractures, lesions, plaque buildup, inflamed tissue, and more. Doctors can examine and oral cavity and detect any precautionary symptoms that could indicate a health risk such as oral lesions or eating disorders.

These cameras make it possible to capture and manipulate an image in the oral cavity and save it to the patient’s files. The images can be sent electronically to dental laboratories as well for a more accurate match in color if the solution to the problem includes crown, veneers, or partial dentures. These images and records can be printed out for the patient to take home and consider when pondering their suggested treatment plans.

This camera makes it possible to share with their patients exactly what they are seeing and what is wrong but through the file records and on the screen. The intraoral camera allows patients to view the potential problem in their mouth with their dentist and collaborate on the best treatment plan.